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Between the generalized skin sensations and the greatprimary sexual centre of sensation there are certain secondary sexualcentres which, on account of their importance, may here be brieflyconsidered.

“I practiced solitary masturbation for some months.

My watchfulness became extreme.

In the same letter he speaksof “the most voluptuous of deaths.” When Mary received the last text, she gasped! Relations of a sexual character are specially excluded. He talked bawd from morning till night, got drunk on one or two occasions, masturbated constantly without concealment, had several of the younger boys inter femora, though without evincing any care or affection for them, and gave one the impression of having been born for a brothel. There are also verses on the subject as follows:“Re-union with a former lover may be desirable so as to separate someparticular woman from some particular man, or some particular man fromsome particular woman, or to have a certain effect upon the presentlover.” Did not know the meaning of the words sexual feeling, and never thought about sexual matters at all until marriage.

What would be conduct decidedly risqué in a city miss, is often innocentplayfulness in a country maid. (For the general question, see an article by F. Pillon, “La Mémoire Affective, son Importance Théorique et Pratique,” Revue Philosophique, February, 1901; also Paulhan, “Sur la Mémoire Affective,” Revue Philosophique, December, 1902 and January, 1903.)