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We got close to each other and pulled the blanket up to our arms.

The female about this time is far along in pregnancy, and when the antlers are fully grown she drops the fawn. In this land of nudity, which I have known for seven years, I do not remember once having seen an indecent gesture on the part of either man or woman, and only very rarely (and that not among unspoiled savages) in the case of that most shameless member of the communitythe little boy. Obey her as you would me.

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At the bar, I’d play my hand, show my cards, and make sure everything was out on the table. It sounds crazy, I know, but something about that makes me so freaking wet. Marro (La Pubertà, 1898, p. 219 et seq.)

The apparent causes are really the results; we are witnessingthe gradual emergence of a retarded homosexual impulse.

Before attempting to analyze the conception of beauty, regarded in its sexual appeal to the human mind, it may be well to bring together a few fairly typical descriptions of a beautiful woman as she appears to the men of various nations.

One night I was amorously attacked in my bedroom by two of the domestics.

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