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I could feel a guy behind me, shoot his warm load into my hair.

I believe I came out of the fire unscathed; probably, indeed, it did me good, in the sense that it made it possible for me to look deeper into life; though to what extent seeing the torments of the damned makes us do this, perhaps only a Dante could tell.

Martin (Uncle Bob), etc.

At least no one will ever see my corpse and wonder how the back of my head got blown the fuck off.

The nocturnal hallucinations of hysteria, as all careful students of thiscondition now seem to agree, are closely allied to the hysterical attackproper.

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Among some people it is, or has been, the custom for thewomen to stand during urination, and in these countries it is usually thecustom for the man to squat; in most countries the practices of the sexesin this matter are opposed. (The diary notes that there was an emission the next night,and that the feeling disappeared.) After no fewer than three dates. They are as necessary to him as “the air hebreathes,” but they are unable to give him what he seeks. I think it goes to show that there is but very little sexual precocity among English girls that during the three years I stayed there I never heard a word the strictest mother would have objected to.

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