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This problem of pain is thus one of psychic dynamics. It follows from the foregoing that the fascination of the obscene canonly be fully felt by one who has completely acknowledged the principleof personality in eroticism, and who has also latent within him thepossibility of erotic dualism. In her sexual habits we perhaps less often find the degree ofpromiscuity which is not uncommon among inverted men, and we may perhapsagree with Moll that homosexual women are more often apt to lovefaithfully and lastingly than homosexual men. Again it is important to keep my hands well lubricated.

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I heard Jessie whine in protest as her transformation began.

Oppenheim (in a paper summarized in the Neurologische Centralblatt for June 1, 1910, and the Alienist and Neurologist for Nov., 1910) well remarks that the musical disposition is marked by a great emotional instability, and this instability is a disposition to nervousness.