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Curiously enough, I thought that the ultimate explanation might be that there were men’s minds in women’s bodies, but I was more concerned in finding a way of life than in asking riddles without answers.

There is in mesuch a tumult of life that frequently after an outburst my spirit andsoul are left in such weariness that I seem to be on the point of death.

You are human, and the disability is something you have, not who you are.

Rising passions, octopus hands, groping to get clothing off and all that.

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Moreover, partial or complete nuditycame to be frequently demanded, the humiliation thereby caused beingpleasant in the sight of God. I should add that I have had no opportunity of detailed examination, and cannot speak positively as to the absence of masturbation. A lady in a little city of the south of Italy, told Paola Lombroso that young middle-class girls there are not allowed to go out except to Mass, and cannot even show themselves at the window except under their mother’s eye; yet they do not think it necessary to have a cabin when sea-bathing, and even dispense with a bathing costume without consciousness of immodesty. Joest mentions that this apparatus, though well knownby name to ordinary girls, is chiefly used by the more fashionablegeishas, as well as by prostitutes.

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