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Partridge, who has studied the phenomena of blushing in one hundred and twenty cases (Pedagogical Seminary, April, 1897), finds that the following are the general symptoms: tremors near the waist, weakness in the limbs, pressure, trembling, warmth, weight or beating in the chest, warm wave from feet upward, quivering of heart, stoppage and then rapid beating of heart, coldness all over followed by heat, dizziness, tingling of toes and fingers, numbness, something rising in throat, smarting of eyes, singing in ears, prickling sensations of face, and pressure inside head. On another he objected to my drinking black coffee.

I tried to close my eyes but sleep wouldn’t come. Would I smile at him, enjoying myself too much to stop, then take delight in giving him a show? Each guy wanted a private party with me before they all gave me a final tribute. But you need to lead it there by flirting first.

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At this period the Renaissancemovement was reaching England, and here as elsewhere it brought with it,if not an increase, at all events a rehabilitation and often anidealization of homosexuality.83An eminent humanist and notable pioneer in dramatic literature, NicholasUdall, to whom is attributed Ralph Roister Doister, the first Englishcomedy, stands out as unquestionably addicted to homosexual tastes,although he has left no literary evidence of this tendency.

When any man sends a girl or a female servant to any woman undersome pretext or other, and places a letter in her bouquet of flowers, orin her ear ornaments, or marks something about her with his teeth ornails, that girl or female servant is called a mute go-between. Noanimal is more depraved.