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Theassociation of religious flagellation with perverted sexual motives isshown by its condemnation in later ages by the Inquisition, which wasaccustomed to prosecute the priests who, in prescribing flagellation as apenance, exerted it personally, or caused it to be inflicted on thestripped penitent in his presence, or made a woman penitent disciplinehim, such offences being regarded as forms of solicitation.108 Thereseems even to be some reason to suppose that the religious flagellationmania which was so prevalent in the later Middle Ages, when processions ofpenitents, male and female, eagerly flogged themselves and each other, mayhave had something to do with the discovery of erotic flagellation,109which, at all events in Europe, seems scarcely to have been known beforethe sixteenth century. You might have just changed my life with that one well spoken tip. I went to lunch one day with her and her boyfriend.

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Yetit is an open question also whetherA more durable domestic affection is not built up from the pristinefoundation of total ignorance than from that of a partialacquaintanceship.

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The special significance of musk from our present point of view lies notonly in the fact that we here have a perfume, widely scattered throughoutnature and often in an agreeable form, which is at the same time a veryfrequent personal odor in man.