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After the first year at college, Edmund transferred to another school farther away from M.O. I now did it to her. Originally created September 22, 2010 by coritagg Updated August 15, 2016 by Courtney SundayReceive the latest and greatest in women’s health and wellness from EmpowHER - for free! The wives of rich men, where there are many wives, are notgenerally attached to their husbands, and are not confidential withthem, and even though they possess all the external enjoyments of life,still have recourse to other men. There are spring and autumnclimaxes throughout (in February and in November); there is no Decemberrise.

To adduce more historical evidence of modern love would serve nopurpose; in the next chapter I shall discuss its metaphysicalconsummation, the love-death.

Here, too, my sympathies, are very catholic, and I delight in McDowell, Debussy, Richard Strauss, and Hugo Wolf.

As he reached the edge of the driveway, he watched the dim light emanating from the master bedroom switch off.

The psychologists of the present day tell us that a feeling, inbecoming spiritualised, loses strength,history teaches us that in thecase of great souls the opposite is the rule.

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We recognise here a characteristic of all those who are greatest amongmen: of Goethe, for instance, of Bach, or Kant: namely, thecorrespondence of intense personality and the most highly developedobjectivity; for the greatest personality ceases in the end todistinguish between itself and the world, has eradicated everythingpaltry, selfish and subjective and has become entirely objective,impersonal, divine. There is no question of adivision when Tristan in his vision of Isolde exclaims, “How beautifulthou art!” There are feelings of shared intimacies and trust. i, p.151; quoted by D.C. McMurtrie, A Legend of Lesbian Love Among the NorthAmerican Indians, Urologic Review, April, 1914.