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At times I felt almost maddened by desire. Adler, who has studied masturbation in women with more care than any previous writer, has recorded in detail the auto-erotic manifestations involved in the case of an intelligent and unprejudiced woman, aged 30, who had begun masturbating when twenty, and practiced it at intervals of a few weeks. Aletrino of Amsterdam pushes the view that inversion is a non-morbid abnormality to an undue extreme by asserting that the uranist is a normal variety of the species Homo sapiens (Uranisme et Dégénérescence, Archives d’Anthropologie Criminelle, Aug.-Sept., 1908); inversion may be regarded as (in the correct sense of the word here adopted) a pathological abnormality, but not as an anthropological human variety comparable to the Negro or the Mongolian man. It is interesting to note the feelings of the sadist subject toward her imaginary lover’s feelings. Inverts whose conduct became too offensive to be tolerated were frequentlyplaced in the Bastille which, indeed abounded in homosexual subjects, toa greater extent than any other class of sexual perverts. So little contact had I with him that beyond constant worship on my part I remember nothing till, about three years later, I received from him a kind, half-joking solicitation, spoken in clean and simple language.

Frank smiled and nodded, as he was buttoning his shirt, and leaned to her to kiss her gently and lovingly. It involves her with her friend also a girl. The various pleasures, thedress, and the sports of one country are in time borrowed by another,and in such a case these things must be considered as belongingoriginally to that country.