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Insome cases there was photophobia, and he has also found paralysis ofaccommodation and conjunctivitis.

I love the odor of man-sweat.

“A courtesan should be agreeable to the man who is attached to her, anddespise the man who does not care for her.

When 6 or 7 I remember being put to bed with the nurse girl and feeling her bare arm with undoubted sexual excitement; I remember, too, gradually feeling along the arm very cautiously, fearing the girl would wake and being bitterly disappointed to find it was merely the arm.

261 Féré reports the case of an invert of great intellectual ability whohad never had any sexual relationships, and was not averse from a chastelife; he was urged by his doctor to acquire the power of normalintercourse and to marry, on the ground that his perversion was merely aperversion of the imagination. Nevertheless, the eye corresponds to an erogenous zonein the looking and exhibition mania, while the skin takes on the samepart in the pain and cruelty components of the sexual impulse.