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Moreover, the stimuluswhich appears painful in a state of repose loses that painful charactereither partially or completely when acting on the same subject in a moreand more fatigued state.

These authors concludethat it is today impossible to look upon inversion as the equivalent orthe symptom of a psychopathic state, though we have to recognize that itfrequently coexists with morbid emotional states.

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He had always felt attracted to his own sex, and had kept up a Platonic friendship with a college chum, X (to whom I knew he was passionately attached), for some years. She repeated the process many times before she rolled onto her back.

Everywhere the subject is dealtwith differently, and from various points of view. 30 Shame in regard to eating, it may be added, occasionally appears as aneurasthenic obsession in civilization, and has been studied as a form ofpsychasthenia by Janet.

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