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173 Summarized in Zeitschrift für Psychologie der Sinnesorgane, 1903,p. 135.

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For men, thecorresponding cunnus succedaneus is, in England, called merkin, whichmeant originally (as defined in old editions of Bailey’s Dictionary)counterfeit hair for women’s privy parts. In the detailedhistory which Moll presents, of the sexual experiences of a sister in anAmerican nursing guild,a most instructive history of a woman fairlynormal except for the results of repressed sexual emotion, and with strongmoral tendencies,various episodes are narrated well illustrating the wayin which sexual excitement becomes unpleasant or even painful when ittakes place as a physical reflex which the emotions and intellect are allthe time struggling against.247 It is quite probable, however, thatthere is a physiological, as well as a psychic, factor in this phenomenon,and Sollier, in his elaborate study of the nature and genesis of hysteria,by insisting on the capital importance of the disturbance of sensibilityin hysteria, and the definite character of the phenomena produced in thepassage between anæsthesia and normal sensation, has greatly helped toreveal the mechanism of this feature of auto-erotic excitement in thehysterical.