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Starting out, know what image you are trying to get across and what story you want to tell.

The averageinvert, moving in ordinary society, is a person of average general health,though very frequently with hereditary relationships that are markedlyneurotic.

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Casanova was a sensualist without psychical complexityand without tragedy. He’d start networking and find who wasn’t completely broken. (Gargantua, book i, chapter ix.)

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There is another reason why whipping should exert a sexual influence. Tissot stated that masturbation causes an aversion to marriage. ForGive and take is the rule of a community of two, as it is of a communityof ten thousand;The ideal (and probably impossible) industrial community is that in whichdemand and supply are in exact equipoise. In the early eighteenth century,Margaretha Lincken, again in Germany, married another woman with the aidof an artificial male organ.177 The artificial penis is also used byhomosexual women in various parts of the world. The idea of a soul mate, or ‘the one,’ is remarkably dooming when you put the numbers behind it.