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They tell ofsimple feelings, of love and longing and the grief of love. All data is delayed by at least 15 minutes. If you find rejection so crushing that you’re avoiding women or avoiding asking them out, then you’re not actually following the advice in the article.

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This description clearly brings out the fundamentally vascular character of the process I have termed tumescence; it must be added, however, that in man the nervous elements in the process tend to become more conspicuous, and more or less obliterate these primitive limitations of sexual desire. I could not very well sleep with them both, so at the earnest entreaty of No. The very idea of homosexual relations produces it. It is not surprising that such phenomena as these should sometimes be the stimulant and accompaniment to the sexual act. And she meant it.

Both had genuine attacks of love-sickness and of jealousy.

We must never ask or assume another person can provide what only God can.

I tried very hard to be that cynical guy that hates on the commercial fakery of the season, but at heart I’m just that kid from the Polar Express movie.

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