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They are veryeffeminate, luxuriously dressed and perfumed, and they seldom go on foot.

He started out slow, moving gently back and forth; around and around.

Riker is currently one of the singers and the bassist in the Hollywood Records recording act R5.

At the beginning of thenineteenth century a distinguished French physician, Hippolyte Cloquet, adisciple of Cabanis, devoted himself more especially to this subject.

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It may be said that this attitude was merely a pretext to secure a vision of ankles, but that result could easily have been attained without the aid of the swing. Max Marcuse has presented such a case in elaborate detail (Zeitschrift für die Gesamte Neurologie, 1912, ht. For them it would not be necessary that any vision should fascinate, or that any languor should soften, the prying cruelty of the eye.

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