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In the long run, this factor may prove its importance as relationships are mainly based on understanding and also respect for one another. ForMan soon tires of mere beauty. The dominant idea for us in the etiology of hysteria is, in the widestsense, its hereditary predisposition.

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At the same timethis enlargement would be chiefly obtained by bringing minor abnormalitiesto the front, and it would then have to be shown how far the families ofaverage or normal persons are free from such abnormalities.

He was much ashamed of his act immediately afterward, and, allthe circumstances being taken into consideration, he was acquitted by thecourt.104 Here we seem to have the obscure and latent fascination ofblood, which is almost normal, germinating momentarily into an activeimpulse which is distinctly abnormal, though it produced little beyondthose incisions which Vatsyayana disapproved of, but still regarded as apart of courtship.

At last the desire became irresistible and she persuaded a boy of 12, whom she was very fond of, and who was much attached to her, to let her whip him on the naked nates.

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