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A complete translation of the original work now follows.

After a while, we change positions again.

He drifted at last to Paris,where he shortly after died, shunned by all but a few of his friends.92In a writer of the first order, Edward Fitzgerald, to whom we owe theimmortal and highly individualized version of Omar Khayyam, it is easyto trace an element of homosexuality, though it appears never to havereached full and conscious development. A woman just grows mad with the desire to squeeze or bite something, with a complete unconsciousness of what result it will produce in the victim. He undid the first button, on to the next for button 2, third for 3 and fourth shacky hands to tug at the hem so it fell down! Bringing a hand up to cup her cheek and dragging her thumb over Jennifer’s cheek bone. Kian teased with a grin. She eyes him fiercely, and he keeps at a proper distance for a long time.

They both wore factory-faded jeans and t-shirts. Alack,How many anxious star-gazers are there among men!

AndEach human soul has its own individual essence;What folly were the violet to envy the rose! The voice is flat but the hurt there is real and it’s that which catches Jennifer’s attention. He showed no partiality for women, and a notable enthusiasm for the beauty of young men. Regardless, Gloria headed for her favourite Sunday lunch (well any day’s to be honest). No less manifest than the incomparable genius and espritof the heyday of the Renascencealthough far less frequently commentedonwas the desire to be conspicuous, to shine, to display wealth andlearning.

“Now, in woman I fancy this element of beauty and youth does not enter so much. It also sounds like three out of the four (possibly all four, depending on how well you know the first woman) were women who were pretty much strangers when you asked them out.