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There is, however, much uncertainty as to what precisely is meant bysexual frigidity or anesthesia. I realized at that moment that I didn’t even know his real name. At the momentof disappointment he abandons them in disgust, innocent of any despoticdesires (which would pre-suppose interest). She removed to Seville, still serving as a policeman, and was engaged there as cook and orderly at the governor’s palace. A considerable proportion of thecommunity, more especially the more youthful members, possessed by aninstinctive and legitimate curiosity, would concentrate their thoughts onthe subject.

The curious and perhaps semi-comical but wholly-pathetic thing about thewhole matter is this: that though undoubtedly our little planet is partof and has a place in this great sidereal universe, and consequently allour Jacks and Jills are related to all the Jacks and Jills everywhereelse, yet each little human heart behaves as it were the only heart inthe sum-total of created things: if it enjoys, it calls upon all that is,to congratulate it; if it suffers, it cries aloud to high heaven toavenge its wrongs: it comports itself as if it and it alone were the onlysensitive things in existence.That is curious.

(Westermarck, Midsummer Customs in Morocco, Folk-Lore, March, 1905.)

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It has developed in Freud’s own hands, and some ofthe developments will require very considerable confirmation before theycan be accepted as generally true.282 But these investigations have atleast served to open the door, which Charcot had inconsistently heldclosed, into the deeper mysteries of hysteria, and have shown that here,if anywhere, further research will be profitable. Nevertheless,It is only the man who thinks he is too venturesome.

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