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(A prolonged discussion, we are told, arose as to whether the costume should come to one, two, or three inches from the knee, and the proposal of the youngest lady swimmer present, that the costume ought to be very scanty, met with little approval.)

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It wasin Northern Europe that, independently of Hellenic and Byzantineinfluence, a new art originated, of which Max Dvorak says: “It wouldhardly be possible to find an external cause for the quick and completedisappearance of the elements of the Neo-Latin art. The HipsbearVery informative post! We shall hear how this claim isjustified by the development of the sexual impulse, and how it isfulfilled in the symptomatology of certain morbid conditions. Masturbation was discountenanced openly at the school, but was, I believe, extensively practiced, both at that school and at the two others I afterward attended. On the various ways of Striking, and of the Soundsappropriate to them.”