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He goes on, however, to pointout that more serious complaints of the eye are caused by excess in normalcoitus, by sexual abstinence, and especially by disordered menstruation.

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What it is presumedthe author means, is, that though both men and women derive pleasurefrom the act of coition, the way it is produced is brought about bydifferent means, each individual performing his own work in the matter,irrespective of the other, and each deriving individually their ownconsciousness of pleasure from the act they perform. I would say to myself (and others) that I wanted someone who would be my best friend, my lover, and good for my kids. In fact, I’d been going about being single all wrong. “When a snake catches sight of a nude man, it is so filled with fearthat it does not dare to look at him; but if the man is dressed, thesnake looks upon him as a weakling and springs upon him.” Nor is it necessary, at a somewhatlater period, to invoke, as is frequently done, the Italian origin ofCatherine de Medici, in order to explain the prevalence of homosexualpractices at her court. Every congenital abnormality is doubtless due to a peculiarityin the sperm or oval elements or in their mingling, or to some disturbancein their early development.

adult chat rooms on ps3