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(I. Rosse, Virginia MedicalMonthly, October, 1892.)

One very marked case isthat of a fine womanly young woman with splendid figure; she is a verygood woman, and admires her husband, but, though she tries to developdesire and passion, she cannot succeed.

There is in mesuch a tumult of life that frequently after an outburst my spirit andsoul are left in such weariness that I seem to be on the point of death. And almost started to cry!

In the place of the twenty minutes required by the women of India (according to Burton) he is happy if he can give two or three at the most, much as he would wish to prolong a pleasure as keen to himself as he could desire it to be to his dear and excellent spouse. But it is gross, with its social outlook that suggests the only reason for a straight guy to hang around a woman, to be friends with a woman, is the potential that you might someday have sex with her.

A letter was found on him, as follows: Mercy, March 27th. As regards woman’s love of strength, see Westermarck, History of Marriage, p. 255. But what do women think about this?

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With so many deterrents in a fast-paced life, sometimes sex becomes that thing yearned for but infrequently actualized. And your nut sack.

It’s not long until I start feeling another orgasm building inside of me. Thus, in Italy, Penta, taking the statistics of nearly four thousand crimes (murder, highway robbery, and sexual offences), found the maximum in the first summer months, but there were also minor climaxes in spring and in August and September (Penta, Rivista Mensile di Psichiatria, 1899). I think the attraction was a case of love at sight, certainly on my side. (It is referred to by Marro, La Pubertà, p.