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The same influence of preliminary excitement may be seen in another instance known to me, that of a gentlemen who when traveling abroad fell in with three charming young ladies during a long railway journey.

My parents kept a very hospitable home.

I listened to her story with much sympathy and interest, but some skepticism, and determined to try experiments upon myself, with the idea of getting to understand the matter in order to assist my friend.

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What it is presumedthe author means, is, that though both men and women derive pleasurefrom the act of coition, the way it is produced is brought about bydifferent means, each individual performing his own work in the matter,irrespective of the other, and each deriving individually their ownconsciousness of pleasure from the act they perform. The entire dress was supported by two thin spaghetti straps on her shoulders. Itis only of comparatively recent years that medical science has obtainedcurrency for the belief that this auto-erotic process is entirely normal.

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